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The Ways Biannual Teeth Cleanings Can Keep Your Smile In Good Health

Teeth Cleaning

Having a good system that consists of brushing and flossing every morning and night is important to make sure that your oral health is in the most ideal condition. But what many individuals don't realize is that twice-yearly cleanings done by a dental hygienist are just as essential to your dental health. Professional teeth cleanings, also called prophylaxis, are a preventive dental care treatment that eradicates buildup and polishes the surface. Getting your enamel professionally cleaned on a twice-yearly basis will often keep bacteria, tartar, stain accumulation, and a majority of other issues to a minimum. Eliminating these deposits from the mouth may also get your teeth and gums into better health and freshen your breath.

Seeing the dentist no less than two times each year for routine cleanings is an important part of everyone's oral health regimen. Our friendly team of dentists and hygienists utilizes contemporary techniques to perform standard dental care procedures and enhance the health and lives of San Antonio, TX adults and their families. When you need a biannual dental cleaning or have separate oral health issues, Stillwater Dental Care would love to be your trusted source for oral care. We invite you to look through this article so you can discover what things you should know when it comes to biannual dental cleanings and how this important dental care treatment might help your smile, now and far into the future.

A routine teeth cleaning at Stillwater Dental Care will differ based on your specific wellness requirements. Various other general oral care procedures may also be provided during a cleaning visit to allow you to receive the most benefits out of your meetings with the dentist. These other services may consist of dental sealants and fluoride gel. Teeth cleanings from our highly trained San Antonio, TX team are in-depth and individually tailored to allow you to experience your most hygienic smile.

At the beginning of your session, we will review your medical history
San Antonio, TX patients are typically taken aback to learn that their oral health might have an effect on their overall physical well-being. Before your dental cleaning, your past and present medical conditions, including the medications or supplements that you take, will be carefully assessed. This will give our staff a more comprehensive knowledge of your overall physical health and the ways it might relate to your oral wellness.

After this, someone on our dental team will clean and polish your teeth.
Most of your routine cleaning appointment will be devoted to removing plaque and buildup from your enamel. Plaque and tartar provide a home where dangerous bacteria exist and produce toxins or acids that could eventually impact some oral structures, including the teeth. Our exceptional hygienists at Stillwater Dental Care will carefully scale the plaque and tartar from your enamel to strengthen your dental health and reduce the chances of some diseases, such as cavities and gum disease. Surface stains that have accumulated on the teeth from tea, coffee, or other foods might also be buffed away to create a whiter and fresher appearance to your teeth.

Fluoride treatments will usually be administered to children or teens who are susceptible to cavities.
A fluoride application is a popular option we perform to fortify the teeth and safeguard against the development of damage. The product is typically performed for children, but it might also be useful for adolescents and adults who display signs of early tooth decay, problems with cavities, visible tooth root surfaces, or different problems. To benefit those who are at an increased risk of developing tooth decay, fluoride could be applied to the teeth near the conclusion of their teeth cleaning session.

Professional dental cleanings are typically recommended at least two times every year, but people who have periodontal disease or different dental concerns could need cleanings 3 – 4 times a year. Our compassionate San Antonio, TX team will assess your needs and help you determine the prophylaxis routine that's adequate to ensure your enamel and gumline are in the greatest condition.

The smile is usually one of a person's most defining features. Getting regular dental cleanings is essential to be sure that your smile is bright, aesthetically pleasing, and in excellent shape. To make this possible, it's crucial for you to find a dentist who is just as devoted to the health of your oral structures. Our team of oral care professionals at Stillwater Dental Care is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our numerous patients by using an individual approach to oral treatment. We encourage local individuals to get in touch with our San Antonio, TX practice when you have time to arrange a visit for a professional dental cleaning.

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